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The following are a collection of full text articles and studies on the subject of skin whitening, melanin and pigmentational disorders:


The Use of Botanical Extracts as Topical Skin-Lightening Agents for the Improvement of Skin Pigmentation Disorders

Skin-lightening agents: New chemical and plant extracts -ongoing search for the holy grail!

Natural Products with Skin – Whitening Effects

The Cell - Chapter 11 - Melanin Pigment

An Updated Review of Tyrosinase Inhibitors

The Hunt for Natural Skin Whitening Agents

Mechanisms Regulating Skin Pigmentation: The Rise and Fall of Complexion Coloration

Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation
A Review of the Epidemiology, Clinical Features, and Treatment Options in Skin of Color

Modifying skin pigmentation – approaches through intrinsic biochemistry and exogenous agents

Recent discoveries in the genetics of melanoma and their therapeutic implications

Skin Lightening and Depigmenting Agents

Molecular design of tyrosinase inhibitors: A critical review of promising novel inhibitors from synthetic origins

Cutaneous photodamage, oxidative stress, and topical antioxidant protection

Physiological factors that regulate skin pigmentation

Hypopigmenting agents: an updated review on biological, chemical and clinical aspects

Common Pigmentation Disorders


Current and emerging therapy for the management of vitiligo

Common Hyperpigmentation Disorders in Adults: Part I. Diagnostic Approach, Caféau Lait Macules, Diffuse Hyperpigmentation, Sun Exposure, and Phototoxic Reactions

Common Hyperpigmentation Disorders in Adults: Part II. Melanoma, Seborrheic Keratoses, Acanthosis Nigricans, Melasma, Diabetic Dermopathy, Tinea Versicolor, and Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation

Topical Tretinoin (Retinoid Cacid Therapy for Hyperpigmented Lesions Caused by Inflammation of the Skin in Black Patients



Non Scientific Resources: - Skin Whitening Related Forum.

Skin Lightening Directory - Resources related to skin whitening, pigmentation, pigmentary disorders


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